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At one2be we are proud to announce that we our partners with one the industries leading Microblading Academies  in the world.  

Elite Microblading Academy  was founded by Bojan Joncic and Maja Lipovec, who are specialised in drawing eyebrows according to the Microblading method. 

Our highly trained technician Rachel has been through the stages of training for many years and is currently training at masters level. She is currently preparing to work alongside Bojan and Maja in teaching the specialised technics in Microblading across the UK and Ireland. 


Microblading is one of the many styles of semi-permanent makeup or cosmetic tattoos as some call it. With this method, we create fullness and shape of the eyebrows by applying pigment in the upper layers of the skin. The persistence of the pigment depends on the client’s skin type, their way of life and lasts for up to three years (with corrections). If the pigment is not re-applied, then it fades and leaves the skin without any negative consequences. Because the pigment is applied so close to the surface the hair strokes appear natural looking.


This method is ideal for anyone who is trying to enhance their natural eyebrows or has lost eyebrow hair due to plucking or diseases (alopecia, trigonometric or any other condition that causes hair loss). Especially people who lose their eyebrow hair, as a result of disease, benefit greatly from microblading.

The pigments used in this method are color-matched to client’s original eyebrow colour. If the eyebrows are still present, the same color is chosen to blend the corrections. The results are realistic, flawless, fuller-looking eyebrows.

Price list

Deposit                                         £50.00


Consultation                                 £ FREE        

Procedure                                     £195.00

6 week top up                              £Included

18 months  top up                        £70 - £100.00

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